Succulents Assembly Tutorial

Hi guys! Today we are going to see how to assemble succulents! I decided to bring them all together because I think it makes it easier for you 🙂 They are super simple to assemble, and follow the same logic as some paper flowers Come on! Starting with model 01: this succulent has a petal-to-petal assembly… It’s a little more work but the result is amazing! The first thing to do is to curve the petals, overlapping the cuts slightly. 🙂 Now combine the petals three by three, joining the same size petals… Each layer is slightly smaller than the previous one Go overlapping the petals of the layers alternating the positions 🙂 Now take the two remaining pieces, curve each flap a little (you can use a needle, brush handle or even a pencil) And finally glue the finish on the core!   Shall we go to the next model? It’s even easier! And finally the third model The most important part of this one is creasing the petals… I advise using a prod and pressing each one on a soft surface (it can be an EVA base or the palm of your hand)   That’s it for today! Let’s make lots of succulents!